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For 15 years, Lisa and her guitar have been escorting groups of divers to the Solomons, falling more and more in love with the country and her people as she dove and sang her way through the islands.  With each trip, it became harder and harder for her to leave the warm, prolific waters and her increasing roster of friends.  And so she is   moving to the small village of Peava on the island of Nggatokae at the southeastern end of Marovo Lagoon.

Why Peave?

"I came on a 6 week odyssey in early 2005 searching for my new home, and when I stepped on the jetty at Peava, my heart said 'you're home'.  It has always been my favorite village -- I have made many, many friends there over the years. Its location is superb for several reasons."

Peava Village at Morovo Lagoon

It has three different options for accommodations, our Vuana Guest House , Ropiko Lodge and Mariu Resort within a 15 minute boat ride.  With the islands of Kicha, Mbulo, Male Male and Dovelei and Minjanga all within 20 minutes, access to virtually unlimited superb diving is guaranteed.  The lagoon within the lagoon that fronts and protects Peava is home to excellent snorkeling and muck diving.  Can you imagine on your first ever dive seeing lionfish, two-spot ( signal) gobies, shrimpfish, crocodile fish, banded pipefish, spine cheeked anemone fish, MANDARIN FISH, blind shrimps with their guardian gobies?---- and the list goes on.  It is also an ideal location for my project.   In 15 years of diving in the Solomons, it has become increasingly apparent that because of the economy of their country, the Solomon Islanders themselves are largely denied the experience of their own reefs that foreigners pay thousands of dollars to enjoy.  It has also become increasingly obvious to me that Solomon Islanders should be the ones showing visitors the riches of their underwater world.  Photo collage by Dee Wescott.

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So my "retirement"  has evolved into a six pronged project:

  1. Establish a small educational dive charter modeled after Dive Makai and train the villagers as divemasters, to ultimately own and operate the business themselves.
  2. To make their underwater world through snorkeling and SCUBA available to as many islanders as I can
  3. To actively and assertively pursue rigorous conservation of the marine world in Marovo Lagoon and beyond.
  4. Through the business, to support and enhance education in the village and surrounding areas. My personal dream is a small village library;  a book, to the kids in these villages, is a treasure.
  5. To spend lots of time singing with "my kids"- who already want to "go on the road" and travel to other villages.
  6. To just take the time to PLAY!!
  7. The villagers enthusiastically embraced my project.   Having started to date 28 villagers on SCUBA,  I am confident I   will have plenty of excellent divemaster candidates.

To introduce the islanders to this half of their own world is a most powerful spiritual experience for me. They are simply entranced by the animals and their behaviors.  Almost to a person, they demonstrate extraordinary water skills and finding and showing skills right from their first dive.

My goal at this point in time is to be up and operating in January, 2007.  As everything flows on Solomon time -- which takes Hawaiian time to a new art form --  I will keep you all informed via this web site.


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