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For many years, Lisa and her guitar have been escorting groups of divers to the Solomons, falling more and more in love with the country and her people as she dove and sang her way through the islands.  With each trip, it became harder and harder for her to leave the warm, prolific waters and her increasing roster of friends. .


After 30 years of operating Dive Makai Charters in Kona, Hawaii with her partner, Tom Shockley and her daughter, Kendra Ignacio, Lisa decided she needed a “retirement” project.  With her wild places in Hawaii now housing hotels and condominiums, the dive industry becoming more crowded and the water just too cold, the Solomons looked very inviting.  Lisa started leading groups of divers to the Solomons on the lovely liveaboard, Bilikiki.  Through the years she came to know the islanders, fell in love with the richness of the life below the ocean surface, and conceived a plan to bring diving to more Solomon Islanders.

To that end, she started Solomon Dive Adventures, different from most other operations in that it is village based. However, various difficulties, the most pressing being village politics and a total lack of understanding of business ethics has led her to move twice.  She is now happily settled on Turupu Island, with the very business savvy Koli family, spearheaded by her old friend, engineer from early Bilikiki days, Johnlee Koli.  With Mbili as her ”home” village, she is once again privileged to explore virgin diving, share her knowledge with her new staff, and looks to a most successful future.  She finds it a joyful, spiritual experience to share her passion for the underwater world with islanders, and, through colorful briefings,  teach guests and staff alike about the behaviors and often comical actions of her underwater friends.






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