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Descend to twin underwater “ski jumps”- narrow ridges sloping down, then up again to a hill, the top of which is 70’, the bottom as yet unknown.  Relax and enjoy the huge school of slender unicorn surgeons, curious barracuda and rainbow runners, the occasional sharks.  Gaze down the inside to a wall of fans so thick the bottom of the canyon is invisible.  Cruise over to the top of the next “jump”, enjoying the show as the fish often swim with you. Slowly rise along golden coral encrusted wall, checking out the overhangs for rare little dotty backs, nudibranchs, and gobies. Spend your shallow time in a completely different environment- stone shelf populated by a variety of hard corals and a whole new cast of finny characters.

Here we drop in, get settled and descend just inside the point, slowly working our way to the busy point. We are usually greeted first by the school of unusual sleek unicorn surgeons, no where near as common as their slender cousins.  We just hover on the point, not knowing where to look. Off shore, the surgeons,  barracuda, and often a group of feisty grays vie for attention with the massive fans, brilliant schools of reef fish and our local school of friendly bat ( now called spade) fish, who invariably come for a visit. Slowly work our way along the ins and outs until we arrive at a huge fan-filled overhang outlined in golden soft corals, Rising to the shallows, we find ourselves on a rock shelf with a whole new cast of characters, including Jansen’s & Surge wrasses, Spotted Boxfishes and Yellow-spotted  scorpions.

Drop to a series of Golden Coral encrusted ledges  outlined with more giant fans. Hunt for rare gobies, Dottybacks, scorpion fish, the ever elusive pygmy seahorse; enjoy the almost overwhelming number and variety of colorful reef fish.  Keep your eyes open for resting turtles and feeding eagle rays cruising the bottom.

Spiner Dolphins

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