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Solomon Dive Adventures -- Dive Marovo



Two massive, hard coral covered hills centered in a sheltered cove support a wondrous diversity of fish life, including Blue-headed Tilefish, Black-spot angels, New Guinea Wrasses,  our endemic White Bonnet Anemone Fish, and the only stunning little Flame Angel I’ve found to date.

A sheer wall highlighted with huge black coral trees sheltering long-nosed hawk fish is none-the-less named for the unusual proliferation of the pretty little Royal Dottybacks, who are not only numerous here, but lack the usual shyness, making them easy to photgraph.  Drop to the depths and you might find a pair of Lyre-tail Hogfish (Wrasses).  Cruise the wall and end in shallows that I find endlessly fascinating.
Here is a huge area that some might classify as largely “dead” coral, but on closer inspection is both rejuvenating and teeming with life. Pearl, Bi-colored andgels abound, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll glimpse  a 2 spined  and the tiny, velvety blue White-tailed pygmy angels. Springer Blennies dart busily feeding off the algae, and an entertaining colony of Black and red Anemone Fish will keep you well occupied.

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