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Hi, All,

Have to get the news out!  Word came up from Bemu today ( Ann & Ross went, with Hite & Risley interpreters-I was still too sick)- WE STAY!! AND- WE STAY IN THIS HOUSE.  HALLELUJAH!! Do NOT have to move.  Now have to unpack and reset up. Minor, compared to the alternative.This is 90% of the battle won- now to get the dive sites open.  Getting the Chea ones open should be no problem, which will hold us until we resolve Mr. Rini.

I have been truly amazed- first at the Big Family.  In the 10 years that I've been here, I've never seen anything like it.  The whole Big Family united, and stood together, and simply said "NO, this is WRONG!" to Ronta and family and their assumed power. I'm SOOO proud of them. Then- the entire village. They quite realize what they'd be losing  if we left.  They, too, stood up and said "NO", and have virtually shunned the family- refusing to speak with them ( they can no longer spread their lies- no one will listen- even the women send them away), buy their fuel, bring them food ( they have no gardens). The local store refused them credit. Family and villagers like the new feeling of the power they can wield for good  if they stand together, and NOT let these despots rule.  And then Patriarch Bemu Bejama and family for carefully filtering both sides of the story, and standing firmly and powerfully for the good.

The best part is that the power Ronta and family have assumed for so many years, often through violence, is broken, and, I think, broken for good.  I don't think the villagers will ever let them get it back.

So we are feeling very blessed and happy tonight.  We still have aways to go to make everything legal and tight, but we will do it. The biggest hurdle is crossed.
Keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we continue our journey! And so many thanks for those already sent!

Love and hugs from the whole gang,

Lisa Choquette
Solomon Dive Adventures
Kahaini Island-Chea Village-Marovo Lagoon

Mobile #'s:677-74-69007

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