Solomon Dive Adventures -- Morovo Lagoon
Solomon Dive Adventures -- Dive Marovo



So named for Chief Luten , a legend in himself, ( feel free to visit Tibara, his home, and sit a spell and hear his stories), situated in a narrow arm of the passage, it is subject to currents, which, of course, bring a proliferation and variety of life. Gray reef sharks patrol the depths, while white and black tips guard their shallows.  Fans abound on a series of ledges descending to 100’. Barracuda, Rainbow Runners, schools of surgeons are frequent visitors.

This is, by any standards, a strange and fascinating dive. Also situated in the passage narrows, it, too, is subject to some strong currents.  A broad shelf slanting gradually from 50-100 feet houses massive green Tubastrea hard corals. I can’t help but think of a Christmas Tree  lot.  The trees, in turn, shelter an unusual variety of fish, including 3 spot ( Blue-lipped) angels, 2 eyed and orange –banded Coralfish, Pixie Hawks and Scalefin Anthias.

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