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If you’re looking for a pleasant, late afternoon activity after a couple of dives, a good lunch, and, of course, your post prandial lethargic interlude ( nap), check out the first 2 of the following.

Gavela River Croc Hunt
Croc Hunt

A lovely evening cruise through the lagoon to the Gavela River begins our crocodile adventure. Though chances of seeing them during the day are reasonable,  the best experiences are to be had at night. According to Johnlee, if you spot one at night, turn off your engine, shine your light on the croc and slowly paddle, it will come towards you.  Caution: swimming with the crocs is NOT recommended. It’s true, that they are very friendly- they LOVE people- for breakfast, lunch, dinner-----!
Approximate time: 3-4 hours

Maven & Melvina’s Gardens

We went to visit these people for other reasons, and, I had to apologize for my rudeness.  Instead of going up to Maven and Melvina and shaking hands and introducing myuself, I was drawn with an almost magnetic force to just glowing golden orchids shining high on their stalks.  My attention turned to orchids in shades of reds and purples I had never seen, and I finally tore myself away from this beauty to pay attention to our business at hand.  After our discussion, they gave me a plant tour of too manuy to count exotic plants of stunning colors and designs.  And I had to ask if they would be willing to share this beauty with those of our guests who were interested.  And they were happy to agree, and then pointed to a short trail up a steep, but small, incline to a grassy open area with enchanting views of Minjanga, Mbulo,- all of southern Marovo.

Approximate time: 1 -2 hours

Takavule Village

From Maven and Melvina’s, we moved to our next business call, only to discover another activity opportunity. Driving up the lazy Kumabusi River, I asked Johnlee to slow down as I  gazed wide-eyed at giant trees dripping vines, ferns, orchids, some so huge their branches created a full bridge we passed under.   Strange mangrove, sprouted long, stringy looking roots.  Bird calls echoed through the intense, cool greenery.  We soon arrived at the first clearing. Johnlee hade told me that this family had outgrown their property in Mbili village proper, and mere 2 years earlier had moved to this upriver location to start their own mini-village. The sheer amount of work they have accommmmplished in clearing, building homes, and planting extensive gardens is more than impressive.  I noticed several unfinished canoes along the shores, and Johnlee inoformed me that Terrance is a master canoe carver.  After spending time in their very different gardens, meeting and talking with the family, I asked if they would be interested in sharing their knowledge and skills with our guests.  They readily agreed. A fvisit to their newly built village, with a trip through canoe building process from log to finished product was arranged.

Approximate time:- 1-3 hours
Optional: for another $100,l a guide will glide you in one of their canoes up and down the river, explaining the foliage and uses of plants that they use.

Frigate Islands

There are 2 islands up in the lagoon where flocks of frigate birds that spend their days out hunting the seas, stealing fish from smaller birds, come to roost in the evening.  The islands are close to each other, so if the brids have not chosen the first, the second is minutes away.

Approxomkate time: 2-21/2 hours

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