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Our attractive  little dive shop is the heart and center of Solomon Dive Adventures. With a covered deck for relaxing and filling out log books, this is where you will check in and out for diving. We will have a full reference library for marine life ID, and items like shirts, hats and sunscreen for sale.

Carving Shed
The carving shed is a local hangout. You'll often find woodcarvers meticulously cutting, scraping, shaping, polishing their imaginative creations, or women and kids shucking Gnale nuts, or people just relaxing and gossiping. Join in !

Timo Store
A tiny village store where you can buy biscuits, soft drinks, a few necessities!

Peava Village is Seventh Day Adventist. It was not until well after I had chosen the name for the business, that I realized that the initials, SDA, were the same. Sabbath is on Saturday and virtually all but the most necessary work stops from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. There are several church services, the main 2 being the 11 a.m. and the 6 p.m. closing service, my favorite as it's mostly singing. Visitors are welcome.

Beach KidsBeach Kids
On any given day when school's not in session, you'll find the village kids playing off this lovely beach. Feel free to join them, and hunt for sea horses. They're there. I know it- I've seen them- the kids have shown them to me.

This bright blue building is the primary school. It's 2 rooms house Standards 1 through 4 on one side, and Standards 5 & 6 on the other. School hours are from 8 a.m. til 12: 30 p.m. If you would like to arrange a visit, just holler. It is absolutely amazing how much they do with so little. You will understand why we have started friends of Peava. The soccer field and net ball court are quiet during the heat of the day, but around 5 p.m. on mast days they come to life. Soccer is a national obsession, and while the bigger guys are seriously at it, youngsters are practising on the sidelines. They are often playing without shoes, as they have none, but this does nothing to dampen their enthusiasm or lessen their skill levels. The women are the net ball pllayers, and the Peava women are District champions. With my partner, Russell, as their coach, they should stay that way. Similar to basketball, the hoop is smaller, higher, has neither net nor backboard, and no dribbling is allowed. You get one bounce and then have to pass or shoot. Feel free to join in a scrimmage!
School Playground

With a burgeoning population of little ones, Peava is in desperate need of a kindergarten. Russell's dream has long been a new kindy; mine is a village library. By combining resources, plans are underway for a new kindy and village library. In the meantime, an old structure is being renovated for a temporary kindy/library. Labor will be donated, but donations for educational materials and furnishings are greatly appreciated. See "Friends of Peava" for more information.

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