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Story of a Dream -- A picture book of Lisa Choquette's dive charter project


This is not a "book" about professional photography; rather, it is the story of a dream expanding and coming true, a story of change, a story about bringing and creating new opportunities for villagers to support themselves without having to leave their homes.

I especially want to thank my project manager, Wayne Hooper Timothy, a man of vision who truly loves to build things.  Every time I would come to Peava to check on progress, Wayne would tell me " You'll be surprised and happy", and there would be 2 -or maybe 3-new buildings.  Thus, the original house and a dive shop have grown into "The Vuana Project".

I don't often publicly endorse products, but I would like to give my heartiest thanks for 2 exceptional products.  My 2 Dell Inspiron computers have been absolute workhorses through trying conditions -- banged around back and forth between Hawaii and Solomons, banged on by people who knew nothing about computers and abused by myself, a decidedly technically challenged individual.  And they exist mostly in a salt filled air environment 10 degrees south of the equator.  Also, kudos to Olympus cameras.  98% of the photos in this presentation were taken by absolute amateurs (myself included) with the Olympus Stylus 600- a marvelous little camera that performs miracles above and below water (in it's tiny housing) , opening the world of photography to many who had never held a camera before.  Dell and Olympus, my sincerest thanks for great products.

And, I especially want to thank my eternally patient and talented WEB master, Joe Gatti, who has helped me brainstorm getting this massive project to you, and going through the tedious process of getting it up on the WEB.

And now- I hope you enjoy our story- and stay tuned for future happenings.

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