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The north side of Totolave Island is generally pretty well protected from any storm surge.   It is home to the most prolific variety of hard corals that I have seen anywhere- and I only wish I knew all their names.   Wandering along the gently sloping drop, I savor the corals growing in fascinating formations, reminding one of visions of fairylands and castles.  It pays to keep a sharp eye out, for rare Meyer’s Butterflies and Pastel Ring Wrasses occasionally reward the vigilant. A stunning array of butterflies, angels, parrots, rabbits, goats  and wrasses can keep one endlessly occupied.

So named for its brilliant, contrasting colors, Rainbow actually occupies a relatively small section of a long wall, and is best experienced by zig-zagging along the wall from the depths to the shallows. Back dropped by my beloved pink soft corals, encrusted with waving fans, brilliant rose and pale pink male anthias attempt to round up their golden females and steal their neighbors’ girls, while blue Red-toothed triggers perform their color changing magic, bouncing from their dark blue to turquoise at the hint of a possible mate or intrusion to their nest.  I love to just hover off the wall, assume a Lotus position and just watch the show, often finding myself giggling at the Triggers’ antics.

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