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OK- now that you can't wait to get here, the big question is how.  There are 2 different possible routes.   Many people opt to spend some extra time in New Zealand or Australia as long as they're that close,  and chose to come in via Brisbane connecting to a Solomon Airlines flight  ( yes, they're jets!)  My favorite, get there quickly route is Air Pacific ( link) from Honolulu to Nadi with a 3 hour layover and onto Solomons.  Their Nadi-Solomons flight is only on Tuesdays.  If you choose Air Pacific from Los Angeles, you will have to overnight in Fiji in Nadi.  Tough, isn't it!

In Honiara, if you arrive on Tuesday,  you will have to overnight there and catch the Pelican Express – one of 2 new high speed passenger ferries- the next morning for the beautifully scenic 5 hour trip through the islands to Peava.   OR, you can spend 2 nights in Honiara and catch Solomon Airlines Twin Otter for the  1 hour flight to Sobiro, a 10 min. boat ride from Peava.  Those arriving on Thursdays, have the option of getting right on the Twin Otter for  the flight to Sobiro,  or overnighting and catching the Solomon Express the next morning.

My travel agent in Kona, Phyllis Dresie, of Kona Town Travel, has been handling these routes with great efficiency  for many years.  Feel free to call her toll free at 866-329-1241 or E mail her at

If you do not have an overnight anywhere on your route, you can usually get your luggage checked straight through if you know your airport codes.  Most agents have no idea where the Solomons are.

LAX= Los Angeles
NAN= Nadi , Fiji
HIR= Honiara, Solomons
BNE= Brisbane, Australia
AKL= Auckland, NZ
HNL= Honolulu

I would check in in Kona and not see my bags (thank heavens) until I arrived in Honiara. 

CAUTION: Check your tags and make sure the correct codes have been entered- my bags ALMOST took a trip to Egypt ( HRI)-----!



 I have found that the best way to use this list is to set a basket in a corner somewhere, and as you get or find things you need to pack, put them in the basket and check them off.  When they're actually packed, cross them out!!   I've also arranged things in categories as closely as possible for ease of organization. If there are items that don't apply to you, cross them out immediately.  Happy Packing!!

Bring about the clothes and twice the money you think you'll need.  It's always a great formula.  The Solomon dollar (SBD) is running about 7 to 1 US, so you can get some GREAT bargains.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS first check your passport, making sure that your travel dates are prior to the final 6 months to expiration.  Make 2 or 3 copies of your passport, driver's license, credit cards- both sides- and airline tickets and itineraryand put them in different places in your luggage, along with any cash.  In your carry-on, make sure you have everything you might need for a few days- JUST in case- particularly medications.

And last, but not least,  pack a big smile, empathy for ticket agents, a good book and patience.  You have no idea how much overweight luggage I've gotten through with that smile and empathy.   BUT- if you're traveling heavy, be prepared for overweight charges.

HINT:  I take fabric paints ( any craft section of a Wal-Mart) and brightly mark my bags AND purse.  EASY to spot coming off the carousel and much less likely to be stolen if highly conspicuous.  Have NEVER had any trouble in that part of the world to date.

NOTE:  In the GIFTS section, I list laptops!  Desperately needed in the schools- most of which have none.  If you have a used laptop, or know of one, it would be an awesome contribution.


___AIRLINE TICKETS (&copies)
___MONEY (do NOT carry all in one place)
___toiletries &tissue/TP
___credit cards/copy
___drivers license/copy
___nail clippers
___socks (plane)
___music player/headphones
___laptop computer


___4-6 prs. Shorts
___4-6 shirts/tops
___good sandals/walking shoes
___good sun hat
___pareo/skirt (great for the guys!)
___3-4 bathing suits
___long or sweat pants & top
___undies ( if you wear them!)
___rain jacket



___razor/shave cream
___cream rinse
___soap/body wash
___Q tips
___body cream/lotion
___antibiotic ointment
___ibuprofen/aspirin/ or??
___Ben Gay (also for stings)
___white vinegar
___antibiotic ear drops
___1/2 alcohol/1/2 white vinegar-for ears
___eye drops (Visine)
___travel wipes

* Ladies, in villages and towns, thighs should be covered.  Long shorts are fine.
** Found this was great for itchy stings- it's 20% Benzocaine!


___spare mask (esp. if prescription)
___snorkel and keeper
___extra fin straps
___booties (shoe fins are fine)
___regulator (serviced and CHECKED)
___BCD  ( check inflator)
___Wet Suit
___dive computer
___back up computer (good idea)
___gear holders/retractors
___dive light/charger/batteries
___log book
___tank banger
___spare o'rings/ grease
___repair tools
___memory cards/film
___reef hook


**** BOOKS -- If EVERYONE brought  2 books in for the kids, it would be great- please make sure culturally appropriate.  Nature books are great, as are Bible stories!


___duct tape
___music player
___puzzle book
___laptop computer
___power cord for laptop
___power adapter (Aus/NZ)
___flashlight/reading light
___land camera/memory cards
___charger for above
___satellite phone
___beach towel
___travel pillow


___T shirts
___reading glasses
___hand/body cream
___watches (prized)
___GOOD carving tools
___sewing tools/goods/yarns
___LAPTOP computers
___music players (tape/CD)
___balloons for kids
___coloring books!
___use your imagination!!!

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